Definition: The quality of feeling of being grateful or thankful.

A few years ago, whilst hitting a bit of a crossroads in my life I purchased a happiness planner on Amazon. Within this planner you had to document a number of things each day for 100 days. This included a daily intention in the morning, to do list and also a small section at the end to write what you were grateful for that day. I have to admit at first it all felt a little bit flowery and quite forced trying to sit down at the end of a long, hard working day and get some thoughts down on paper, but overtime I recall actually taking note of things that happened in the day that I could write about when I got home and it was a really nice feeling.

Skip forward however many years up to present day …. I was taking a beautifully long walk through the woods yesterday when I turned to my boyfriend and said “I am so grateful for just feeling completely relaxed and carefree today”. We carried on our walk and I didn’t think much else of it until I got home that evening and was deciding what to write for my blog post this week. You see sometimes it takes a little moment of complete calm to realise how grateful we could be for even the smallest things in life. Yesterday I was grateful for the crisp autumn weather, the beautiful smell of the woods around me, the delicious hot chocolate I got for my walk (Ruby Cocoa Hot Choc from Costa for those wondering), having a laugh with my boyfriend, seeing loads of cute dogs and being able to be completely in the present moment. And want to hear the best bit about all of this… bar the hot chocolate it was all absolutely free!! It can be extremely easy in this mad world we live in to get swept up in the chaotic wave of the everyday…. but if you take a little step back each day, I am sure you could find one small thing you were grateful for that day. Now I am a firm believer that the more positive energy you radiate the more positive energy you get back…. Or in other words the more you are grateful of things the more things you are going to have to be grateful for (that 100% made more sense in my head!!!). Therefore, my mission to you is to take 5 minutes each day to think about all of the things you are thankful for that day. You don’t have to necessarily write them down, but just take a moment to have a think… (it could even be while you are on the toilet!)… and remember it can be as simple as a nice cup of tea in the morning, or the fact it didn’t rain, for the beautiful blue sky, that you managed to finish work 5 minutes early perhaps, or that your favourite TV programme was on. Try it for the next 3-4 weeks and see how you feel. Going to bed thankful for all these amazing little things will guarantee you a peaceful night’s sleep… and hopefully a positive mindset when you wake!

Today I am thankful for….

Love CK x

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