My Be Kind to Yourself Advent Calendar 2020

Here are 25 things to try & smile about this December 😊

1.  Think of one person you value in your life and let them know how much they mean to you

2.  Write down 3 things you were grateful for today

3. Try a new type of exercise … think outside the box! I would recommend Yoga!

4. Treat yourself to your favourite meal for dinner

5.  Go for a long walk and explore the beautiful nature around you

6. Try to go phone free for the morning…. You will be amazed how much you get done

7. Start your Monday right with a to do list for the week. You will feel like an organised legend!

8.  Practice mindfulness today – switch off from the world for 10 minutes and try to calm and quieten your mind

9. Do 30 minutes of exercise today … whatever takes your fancy!

10. Drink more water – try and track the amount of water you drink… is it enough?

11. Complete a task you have been putting off

12. Write down 3 things you love about yourself today

13. Have a ‘do nothing’ day and enjoy it!!

14.  Start your Monday right with a to do list for the week – Remember how good it made you feel last week

15.   Cook a healthy midweek meal and try one new ingredient in your dinner tonight!

16. Enjoy a hot bath or shower and listen to some calming music before bed. This is your YOU time!!

17. Make time in your day to stretch! Even just 15 minutes will make such a difference.

18. Do one kind deed for someone else today

19. Think of one thing that made you laugh today

20. Enjoy a phone free evening – especially 30 minutes before bed

21. Give someone a compliment

22. Put on an outfit you feel killer confident in!

23. Write down 3 things you want to achieve next year & reflect on 3 things you have accomplished this year

24.  Don’t forget to watch at least one Christmas movie today

25. Have an amazing Christmas Day and celebrate the best way you can!

Here is to a positive December full of kindness 😊

Lots of Love


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