The Female Revolution

Finally sitting down to write another blog post after a whirlwind first few weeks back at work, but what few weeks it has been! I have been delivering lots of taster sessions for new members, signing up some awesome new clients and re-grouping with some of the amazing people I have been working with for a while. I mainly train females and I absolutely love working with such as diverse and amazing group of women on a daily basis, I honestly have an incredible set of clients.

The thing that is REALLY exciting me at the moment is the goals my ladies are aspiring to achieve. Over the last couple of weeks, I have barely heard the sentence “I want to lose weight and tone up”. Instead, I have women telling me their goal is to get into weight training, to understand how to build strength and muscle, to learn how to look after themselves for both physical and mental wellbeing, to get fitter & stronger and to smash some new performance goals. THIS IS THE STUFF THAT GETS ME OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING!!!

Over my time as a trainer, I have had so many women come in to see me unhappy with the way they look, constantly wanting to change something and quite simply talking about themselves like they would their worst enemy. Slowly I have been trying to change this perception, to get women to appreciate and respect their bodies and to set themselves different goals that don’t mean they are defined by their weight. Finally, I am starting to feel like I am making change.

The thing is that I myself came to the realisation during lockdown that I am almost 30 and couldn’t think of a single time I have been 100% happy with my body until recently. This shift in mindset has been so ingrained in me over the years that I almost feel like a fraud for trying to get others to think better about themselves when I too am hating the person in the mirror. This last year I have been battling my inner demons to be a more positive powerhouse both to myself and to others, and its working! Personally I am focussing on performance related goals and striving to fuel my body to be the fittest and healthiest version of myself, not neglecting it. I have made changes to the way I think about my weight, about what it actually means and have learnt to absolutely cherish the body I have been given, because I have wasted so many years of my life denying it.

Now, I am starting to be a part of a whole culture shift and it is so exciting! I am working on helping women embrace their bodies, grow to love weight training and the benefits it can bring, changing their mindset and relationship with food and pushing people further than they thought was possible. I might be a bit of a small fish in a very big pond but I feel in my little patch of this world we are really creating a mini movement and it’s so bloody inspiring.

Now, more so than ever, I am absolutely laser focussed on my mission and I am hoping over the next few months I will be able to share some amazing client success stories and hopefully continue to share my knowledge and personal experience to help you all.

I would love to hear from you all and share some positive stories. Us women need to talk more, share more and help to inspire and motivate others to join the revolution, because ladies… it has begun!!

Lots of Love


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