I guess I should start with a hello and welcome to my site! Everything I write in my pages is entirely my own thoughts and work and my aim is to inspire, educate and equip people with a better knowledge and understanding of their own health and fitness. I believe there is a lot of misinformation in the industry, driven by the rise in social media, people looking for a quick fix and the increase in marketing channels to reach people. So, what should people believe? I think dispelling these myths and changing people’s mindsets is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding parts of my job. This is why I wanted to bring all of my information and thoughts into one place to help others.

My initial interest in exercise and nutrition began as a teenager where, like a lot of others I became obsessed with ‘being skinny’. I would run 30 minutes every single day and barely eat enough calories to feed a fly and consider this to be a healthy lifestyle. Of course, this turned obsessive and after losing way too much weight I began to see the detrimental effects on my body. My periods stopped, I could barely get out of bed as my energy was so low, my skin and hair were absolutely awful and I became isolated from those around me. This was around the time of choosing my further education options and so after recovering from this I decided to study nutrition with the original plan of helping others who had gone through the same.

Whilst studying nutrition at Oxford Brookes I ended up landing a work experience placement at Sainsbury’s head office and after university began working in their product development team. I shortly moved to London after securing the job and over the course of 6 years enjoyed the London life, living with friends, exploring the city, going on way too many nights out and generally just being in the present! Within this time, I moved roles a number of times at work and enjoyed what I did, but I knew deep down it wasn’t truly where my passion was and in 2018, I decided to take a reality check…or a quarter life crisis as some call it!  

I knew personal training was the career I wanted to be in, but taking the plunge from promotions, money and living with friends felt like a huge step back! Nevertheless, after careful consideration I decided to move back home with my parents, leaving Sainsbury’s and looking for a PT job locally (I had qualified by this point of course). I was lucky enough to fall into a job pretty quickly working at Virgin Active where I am to this day. I worked every hour under the sun for the first few months, establishing myself both in the team and on the gym floor and beginning to demonstrate and utilise my areas of expertise in nutrition, which had gone to waste for a number of years. Any personal trainers out there will tell you that first 6 months to a year is the hardest! You are working hideous hours, receiving minimal money and constantly feeling like you are pushing up stream, but I never once truly questioned my decision (although may well have moaned millions of times about it). I refused to give up and every single day I wanted to learn, grow and be the best I can be both for my clients and myself. My overall ambition now is to make a difference to the industry, however small or large that ends up being…

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