Setting Goals & Sticking to Them

What are Goals? Let’s start with what is a goal? A goal is ‘something that you hope to achieve, especially when much time and effort will be needed’ (Collins Dictionary) and across our lifetimes we will set ourselves hundreds of these. They enable us to add structure into our lives by helping us focus onContinue reading “Setting Goals & Sticking to Them”

Want to get fit but don’t know where to start?

First things first I want you to remember two things as you read this post: Everyone has to start somewhere Don’t run before you can walk I want to pull these things out first because it’s very easy to look at other people who are perhaps avid gym goers or generally just super sporty andContinue reading “Want to get fit but don’t know where to start?”

Do sit ups make me lose belly fat?

So here is a statement which makes every PT want to curl up in a ball and jump around the floor in tears….. “can we do loads of core work please as I want to lose fat around my stomach”. How many of you can relate to either thinking, asking or researching this? How manyContinue reading “Do sit ups make me lose belly fat?”

My Corona-Coaster Fitness Journey

If someone had told me 3 months ago, I would be smashing a load of burpees in my living room, embracing the home workout life I would have laughed, but just like everyone else the Corona crisis changed my work and my fitness regime. On the 20th March the announcement was made that all gymsContinue reading “My Corona-Coaster Fitness Journey”

Is under reporting your calories affecting your diet & weight?

When it comes to weight loss, gain and maintenance the equation is as simple as energy in vs energy out. Marketing companies will try and make this as confusing as possible in order to sell pointless products, but it all boils down to energy balance. If a client is looking to lose weight the firstContinue reading “Is under reporting your calories affecting your diet & weight?”